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About Forever Learn

Forever Learn is an education and capacity building partner for governments and international organisations committed to improving national economic and social growth.

Our end-to-end learning solutions address educational, social, and economic barriers to ensure students and youth are learning to their full potential and are skilled and accredited for new worlds of work.


Forever Learn’s “last mile” framework includes blended professional learning for teachers and leaders, accelerated skills acquisition through workplace-integrated learning for youth, and sustainable infrastructure such as connectivity and power for schools.


We work collaboratively with country partners to ensure and support the delivery of scalable and sustainable programmes which are adapted to the desired languages and cultural contexts.


Having managed over 300 education projects globally, our team has the international and national expertise to deliver large-scale learning and technology solutions that enable ongoing innovation and sustainability for governments around the world.

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Education Solutions

Learning Experience Platform

We work with educational and industry partners to deliver a future focussed, nationally integrated Learning Experience Platform that meets a country’s human capital development vision. Our adaptive assessment and machine learning technology provides truly personalised learning pathways and comprehensive data-driven reporting for lasting results.

Innovative, digitally rich blended and continuous professional learning programmes for school leaders and teachers, linked to professional standards, performance and targeted practices using adult experiential professional learning and learner-centred organisational approaches in real-time learning opportunities

Capacity Building for Teachers and School Leaders
Employable Skills and Youth

Delivering work-integrated learning and certification programmes in collaboration with local and global industry partners, helping to revitalise communities and spark economic growth in key  sectors of impact. Schools, community and industry stakeholders work together to create and deliver real-world experiential learning with a focus on livelihood-improving accomplishment and sparking employment.

Blended Learning Solution

Empowering teachers to create and deliver lessons online and offline with simple authoring, web conferencing and assessment tools alongside digital libraries containing government approved content aligned and adapted to local curricula


Solutions Provider

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We provide our education customers with an end-to-end blended learning solution that is supported by strategic partnerships for funding, technology, connectivity, sustainable power, and education devices


We bring funding solutions to ensure sustainability and scale for long term nation building projects.


We provide robust infrastructure, power, and connectivity solutions to establish modernised infrastructure for urban and remote communities.


Forever Learn is a Microsoft partner and Global Training Partner.  Our Learning Experience Platform is built on Microsoft’s world class cloud-based technologies.


Through our global device partners, we provide access to the right education devices by ensuring we consider the specific educational needs, the expectations and competencies of device users, access to power, connectivity and device support, as well as issues of security. 

Sustainable power

In collaboration with world-wide partners, we assist our customers to create the modern infrastructure and connectivity solutions​ that enable learning,​ assessments, recording ​ and curation of data​ anytime, anywhere. ​

Education Solutions

Forever Learn Team

RT Hon Mark Simmonds


Angela Ney

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Wrigley

Investment Officer

Louise Lewis

Director of Finance

Felicia Brown

Director of Marketing

Jenny Lewis

Director Leadership and Policy

Harminder Heer

Director of Implementation

Helena King

Director of Content

Hélène Fournier

Director of Learning Innovation

Mehdi Fakdi

General Sales Manager Africa

Andrea  Sutton

Executive Assistant

Dr Jim Dueck

Director of Government Capacity

Hilary Cockhill

Director of Research

Guru Singh

Executive Advisor
Technolog Solutions


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